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    glib: Fix named destinations · 44505cb3
    Christian Persch authored
    Named destinations may be described by bytestrings, containing
    embedded NULs and not being NUL terminated. That means they cannot
    be exposed directly as char*.
    The alternatives are to escape the string from the internal representation
    when exposing it in the API (e.g. in PopplerDest.named_dest), or to
    add parallel API exposing it as GString, or GBytes. This patch chooses
    the first option, since the presence of these named destionations in the
    public, not sealed, PopplerDest struct means that the second option would
    need more API additions. The chosen option is simpler, and does not
    need the API users to adapt unless they create the named dest strings
    themselves, or consume them in ways other than calling poppler APIs.
    The escaping scheme chosen simply replaces embedded NUL with "\0" and
    escapes a literal backslash with "\\".  This is a minimal ABI change in
    that some strings that previously worked unchanged as destinations
    (those containing backslash) now don't work, but on the other hand,
    previously it was impossible to use any destinations containing embedded
    Add poppler_named_dest_{from,to}_bytestring() to perform that
    conversion, and clarify the documentation for when you need them.
    Based on a patch by José Aliste <jaliste@src.gnome.org>.
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