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      Qt6 frontend · e225b4b8
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Basically a copy of qt5 to qt6
      Tested with the tests and the demo, seems to work relatively well
       * Changed a few QLinkedList to QVector, we don't need the features that
         QLinkedList provided
       * Adapt code to QByteArray behaviour change in [] with indexes past the
       * Removed a few deprecated functions from our API
       * Use more modern cmake syntax to link against the libraries
       * QDate::toString is gone, use QLocale::toString with a date
       * Use the QDateTime variants of secsSinceEpoch instead of time_t
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      Run clang-format · 814fbda2
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      find . \( -name "*.cpp" -or -name "*.h"  -or -name "*.c"  -or -name "*.cc" \) -exec clang-format -i {} \;
      If you reached this file doing a git blame, please see README.contributors (instructions added 2 commits in the future to this one)
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      qt5: Some documentation about annotations · 8bac4d1e
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      * Removed incorrect hint "Use uniqueName to test for Annotation
        equality": uniqueNames are optional and we don't actually guarantee
      * Added "How to add annotations" and "FixedRotation flag specifics"
        sections in the Annotation class page
      * Added links from enum Annotation::SubType items to actual subclasses
      * Added documentation for annotation flags that are known to work
      * Added "see also" links between annotation flag and boundary
      * Added warning on Annotation::setPopup to tell that it's currently not
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      Add since markers · bf171382
      Albert Astals Cid authored
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      qt4: Annotation insertion and LineAnnotation support · b5e948b6
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      This patch adds Page::addAnnotation to insert new annotations in a page.
      The only annotation type that can be added is LineAnnotation. Support for other
      types will be added in the next patches.
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      qt4: Changes to Annotation API (part 2/2) · 0e8c35b5
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      1) Moved annotation data retrieval logic to getters for types of annotations
      that will be made editable in next patches.
      Others (Link, FileAttachment, Sound, Movie and Screen) are still entirely filled
      at creation time.
      2) TextAnnotation's callout points setter now takes an array, not just
      individual points.
      3) AnnotationPrivate::pdfObjectReference replaced with a getter method that
      directly queries the tied Annot object (if any)
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      qt4: Changes to Annotation API (part 1/2) · 73b91207
      Fabio D'Urso authored
      This is part 1/2 of a change in annotation API. It breaks both source and binary
      Note that, even though DOM methods are partially modified by this patch, their
      output is 100% backward compatible. Therefore code relying only on DOM methods
      (i.e. AnnotationUtils methods) will keep working.
      1) Style and Popup container classes
      Style and Popup (previously known as Window) properties are now wrapped in
      container classes. In both of them, private data is implicitly shared.
      The old Window structure is removed, but an undocumented window field is still
      exported to make Okular 4.8.0 compile. It must not be used.
      2) Revisions
      The Annotation::Revision structure was removed, because it added an extra layer
      of indirection that can be avoided. Now revision scope and type are stored
      directly in the target Annotation, and Annotation::revisions() returns a list
      of pointers to child annotations.
      3) All constructors are temporarily made private
      This patch hides all constructors from user code. Subsequent patches will
      restore them in the same patch as their type-specific creation support.
      4) Minor fixes
          - Popup size was incorrectly stored as an integer value, now it's part of
            a QRectF.
          - Typo: LinkAnnotation::linkDestionation() --> linkDestination
          - Dash array is now exported as QVector<doubles> instead of a marks/spaces
            integer pair
          - GeomAnnotation's geometricalPointWidth removed, because it was never
            referenced and it doesn't exist in PDF specs
      5) AnnotationPrivate data is now explicitly shared
      Annotation private data has been rearranged so that it's now possible to
      uniformly give ownership of all Annotation objects to the caller.
      Previously Page::annotations() did leave ownership to user, but
      Annotation::revisions() didn't. Now both of them give ownership to user.
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      Add more correct copyright statements on fofi, goo, poppler and util... · 47f54ad4
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Add more correct copyright statements on fofi, goo, poppler and util directories to be more compliant with GPL that requires such modification statements to be present. Meanwhile i did that, i did qt and qt4 dirs too, glib is missing if someone wants to fix it, but it's not crucial as it's not a fork of some other GPL software