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    * poppler/PSOutputDev.cc (PSOutputDev): change the constructor to · a3d9b584
    Martin Kretzschmar authored
    take paper size and duplex setting parameters.
    (init): add paper size and duplex parameters.
    (writeDocSetup): add duplex parameter.
    * poppler/PSOutputDev.h: update declarations.
    * glib/poppler-private.h (struct _PopplerPSFile): store necessary
    information to eventually construct a PSOutputDev.
    * glib/poppler-page.cc (poppler_page_render_to_ps): initialize the
    output dev if it doesn't exist yet.
    * glib/poppler-document.cc (poppler_ps_file_new): don't create the
    PSOutputDev here, just store filename and page range.
    (poppler_ps_file_set_paper_size, poppler_ps_file_set_duplex): new
    (poppler_ps_file_free): free the filename which we strdup now.
    * glib/poppler-document.h: add prototypes.
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