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    2006-02-28 Kristian Høgsberg <krh@redhat.com> · 0f7f2182
    Kristian Høgsberg authored
            * glib/poppler-document.cc (info_dict_get_string): Refactor
            _popper_goo_string_to_utf8() out into it's own function.
            * glib/poppler-page.cc (poppler_page_get_property): Use
            _popper_goo_string_to_utf8() here to convert ucs2 page labels.
            * glib/poppler-page.cc (poppler_page_get_selection_region): Add
            braces to fix warning.
            * poppler/PageLabelInfo.cc: If the label prefix string has a ucs2
            marker, append the number part of the label as ucs2 (#5952).
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