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Bump version to 2.7.0

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Font configuration and customization library
Version 2.6
Version 2.7
Check INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
Report bugs to in the fontconfig module.
Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
Use human-readable file names in the docs (bug #16278)
Behdad Esfahbod (119):
Avoid C99ism in Win32 code (#16651)
[doc] Fix inaccuracy in FcFontRenderPrepare docs (#16985)
When canonizing filenames, squash // and remove final / (#bug 16286)
Add orth file for Maithili mai.orth (#15821)
Replace RCS Id tags with the file name
[doc] Fix signatures of FcPatternGetFTFace and FcPatternGetLangSet (#16272)
Update Thai default families (#16223)
Add ~/.fonts.conf.d to default config (#17100)
[fc-match] Fix list of getopt options in --help
Update man pages
Add fc-query (#13019)
Implement fc-list --verbose (#13015)
[doc] Add const decorator for FcPatternDuplicate()
Add FcPatternFilter() (#13016)
[doc] Document that a zero rescanInterval disables automatic checks (#17103)
Get rid of $Id$ tags
[doc] Fix signature of FcConfigHome()
Fix docs re 'orig' argument of FcPatternBuild and family
Update sr.orth to actul subset of Cyrillic used by Serbian (#17208)
Add Sindhi .orth file. (#17140)
Add WenQuanYi fonts to default conf (#17262, from Mandriva)
Handle -h and --help according to GNU Coding Standards (#17104)
Document when config can be NULL (#17105)
Add FcConfigReference() (#17124)
Document how to free return value of FcNameUnparse()
Don't leak FcValues string loaded through fcxml.c (#17661)
Don't call FcPatternGetCharSet in FcSortWalk unless we need to (#17361)
Fix two more doc typos
[.gitignore] Update
Cleanup symlinks in "make uninstall" (bug #18885)
[fccache] Consistently use FcStat() over stat() (bug #18195)
Consistently use FcStat() over stat() in all places
Use __builtin_popcount() when available (bug #17592)
Fix compile with old FreeType that doesn't have FT_Select_Size() (bug #17498)
Implement fc-list --quiet ala grep (bug #17141)
[65-fonts-persian.conf] Set foundry in target=scan instead of target=font
Don't use identifier named complex
Explicitly chmod() directories (bug #18934)
Remove special-casing of FC_FILE in FcPatternPrint()
[.gitignore] Update
Implement FcPatternFormat and use it in cmdline tools (bug #17107)
Fix comparison of family names to ignore leading space properly
[fcmatch.c] Fix debug formatting
[fcmatch] Use larger multipliers to enforce order
[fcmatch] When matching, reserve score 0 for when elements don't exist
[fcmatch] Move FcFontSetMatch() functionality into FcFontSetMatchInternal()
[doc] Note that fontset returned by FcConfigGetFonts should not be modified
Make FcCharSetMerge() public
Don't use FcCharSetCopy in FcCharSetMerge
Oops. Fix usage output.
Revive FcConfigScan() (bug #17121)
Add fc-scan too that runs FcFileScan/FcDirScan
Oops, fix FcPatternFilter
[fc-match] Accept list of elements like fc-list (bug #13017)
Cleanup all manpage.* files
[fcmatch] Fix crash when no fonts are available.
[fcfreetype] Fix typo in GB2312 encoding name string (#19845)
Add ICONV_LIBS to (#19606)
[win32] Fix usage of GetFullPathName()
[win32] Expand "APPSHAREFONTDIR" to ../share/fonts relative to binary location
[win32] Do not remove leading '\\' such that network paths work
[fccache] Make sure the cache is current when reusing from open caches
Update Sinhala orthography (#19288)
[cache] After writing cache to file, update the internal copy to reflect this
Further update Sinhala orthography (#19288)
[fcformat] Add support for width modifiers
[fcformat] Refactor and restructure code for upcoming changes
[fcformat] Add support for subexpressions
[fcformat] Add element filtering and deletion
[fcformat] Add conditionals
[fcformat] Add simple converters
[fcformat] Implement 'cescape', 'shescape', and 'xmlescape' converters
[FcStrBuf] better handle malloc failure
[fcformat] Add value-count syntax
[fcformat] Implement 'delete', 'escape', and 'translate' filter functions
[fcformat] Start adding builtins
[fcformat] Refactor code to avoid malloc
[fcformat] Add support for builtin formats
[fcformat] Support indexing simple tags
[fcformat] Support 'default value' for simple tags
[fcformat] Implement array enumeration
[fclang] Implement FcLangSetGetLangs() (#18846)
[fcformat] Enumerate langsets like we do arrays of values
[fcformat] Add a 'pkgkit' builtin that prints tags for font packages
[fcformat] Add list of undocumented language features
[fc-lang] Continue parsing after an "include" (#20179)
Fix Fanti (fat) orth file (#20390)
Fix Makefile's to not create target file in case of failure
[fcstr.c] Embed a static 64-byte buffer in FcStrBuf
[fcstr,fcxml] Don't copy FcStrBuf contents when we would free it soon
[fcxml] Don't allocate attr array if there are no attributes
[fcxml] Embed 8 static FcPStack objects in FcConfigParse
[fcxml] Embed 64 static FcVStack objects in FcConfigParse
[fcxml.c] Embed a static 64-byte attr buffer in FcPStack
Call git tools using "git cmd" instead of "git-cmd" syntax
Replace 'KEITH PACKARD' with 'THE AUTHOR(S)' in license text in all files
[fcformat] Fix default-value handling
Document FcPatternFormat() format
[] Don't clean ChangeLog in distclean
Revert "[conf] Disable hinting when emboldening (#19904)" (#20599)
[fc-lang] Fix bug in country map generation
[fcstr] Remove unused variable
[fc-lang] Make LangSet representation in the cache files stable
[fc-cache] Remove obsolete sentence from man page
Detect TrueType Collections by checking the font data header
Mark matchers array const (#21935)
Use/prefer WWS family/style (name table id 21/22)
Simplify FcValueSave() semantics
Add XXX note about Unicode Plane 16
Always set *changed in FcCharsetMerge
[charset] Grow internal FcCharset arrays exponentially
Remove unused prototypes and function
[xml] Centralize FcExpr allocation
[xml] Mark more symbols static
[xml] Allocate FcExpr's in a pool in FcConfig
[xml] Intern more strings
Bug 22154 -- fontconfig.pc doesn't include libxml2 link flags
Fix distcheck
Remove keithp's GPG key id
Benjamin Close (1):
Remove build manpage logfile if it exists
Chris Wilson (1):
Reduce number of allocations during FcSortWalk().
Dan Nicholson (1):
Let make expand fc_cachedir/FC_CACHEDIR (bug #18675)
Harald Fernengel (1):
Don't use variables named 'bool' (bug #18851)
Harshula Jayasuriya (1):
Fix Sinhala coverage (bug #19288)
Karl Tomlinson (1):
Change FcCharSetMerge API
Mike FABIAN (1):
[conf] Disable hinting when emboldening (#19904)
Peter (1):
Make sure alias files are built first (bug 16464)
Rahul Bhalerao (1):
Add config for new Indic fonts (bug #17856)
Roozbeh Pournader (60):
Correct Sindhi orthography to use Arabic script (bug #17140)
Remove Sinhala characters not in modern use (bug #19288)
Add Filipino orth, alias Tagalog to Filipino (bug #19846)
Split Mongolian orth to Mongolia and China (bug #19847)
Fix doubly encoded UTF-8 in comments (bug #19848)
Change Turkmen orth from Cyrillic to Latin (bug #19849)
Rename Venda from "ven" to "ve" (bug #19852)
Rename "ku" to "ku_am", add "ku_iq" (bug #19853).
Add Kashubian (csb) orth file (bug #19866)
Add Malay (ms) orthography (bug #19867)
Add Kinyarwanda (rw) orthography (bug #19868)
Add Upper Sorbian (hsb) orthography (bug #19870)
Add Berber orthographies in Latin and Tifinagh scripts (bug #19881)
Renamed az to az_az (bug #19889)
Rename Igbo from "ibo" to "ig" (bug #19892)
Remove punctuation symbols from Asturian orthography (bug #19893)
Add Chhattisgarhi (hne) orthography (bug #19891)
Use newly added Cyrillic letters for Kurdish (bug #20049)
Add Kurdish in Turkey (ku_tr) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Aragonese (an) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Haitian Creole (ht) orthography (bug #19891)
Ad Ganda (lg) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Limburgan (li) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Sardinian (sc) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Sidamo (sid) and Wolaitta (wal) orthographies (bug #19891)
Fix Bengali (bn) and Assamese (as) orthographies (bug #22924)
Remove Euro Sign from all orthographies (bug #19865)
Add Ottoman Turkish (ota) orthography (bug #20114)
Divide Panjabi (pa) to that of Pakistan and India (bug #19890)
Add Blin (byn) orthography (bug #19891)
Add Papiamento (pap_aw, pap_an) orthographies (bug #19891)
Add Crimean Tatar (crh) orthography (bug #19891)
Switch Uzbek (uz) orthography to Latin (bug #19851)
Update Azerbaijani in Latin (az_az) to present usage (bug #20173)
Rename Avaric orthography from 'ava' to 'av' (bug #20174)
Rename Bambara orthography from 'bam' to 'bm' (bug #20175)
Rename Fulah orthography from 'ful' to 'ff' (bug #20177)
Change Kashmiri (ks) orthography to Arabic script (bug #20200)
Tighten Central Khmer (km) orthography (bug #20202)
Remove digits and symbols from some Indic orthographies (bug #20204)
Add Divehi (dv) orthography (bug #20207)
Extend Crimean Tatar (crh) orthography (bug #19891)
Update Serbo-Croatian (sh) orthography (bug #20368)
Add Ewe (ee) orthography (bug #20386)
Add Herero (hz) orthograhy (bug #20387)
Add Akan (ak) and Fanti (fat) orthographies (bug #20390)
Added Quechua (qu) orthography (bug #20392)
Add Sango (sg) orthography (bug #20393)
Add Tahitian (ty) orthography (bug #20391)
Add Navajo (nv) orthography (bug #20395)
Add Rundi (rn) orthography (bug #20398)
Add Zhuang (za) orthography (bug #20399)
Add orthographies for Oshiwambo languages (bug #20401)
Add Shona (sn) orthography (bug #20394)
Add Sichuan Yi (ii) orthography (bug #20402)
Add Javanese (jv) orthography (bug #20403)
Add Nauru (na) orthography (bug #20418)
Add Kanuri (kr) orthography (bug #20438)
Add Sundanese (su) orthography (bug #20440)
Reorganize Panjabi/Punjabi and Lahnda orthographies (bug #19890)
Serge van den Boom (1):
Correctly handle mmap() failure (#21062)
2.5.93 (2.6 RC3)
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ dnl This is the package version number, not the shared library
dnl version. This same version number must appear in fontconfig/fontconfig.h
dnl Yes, it is a pain to synchronize version numbers. Unfortunately, it's
dnl not possible to extract the version number here from fontconfig.h
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(fontconfig, 2.6.0)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(fontconfig, 2.7.0)
dnl libtool versioning
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ typedef int FcBool;
#define FC_MAJOR 2
#define FC_MINOR 6
#define FC_MINOR 7
#define FC_REVISION 0
#define FC_VERSION ((FC_MAJOR * 10000) + (FC_MINOR * 100) + (FC_REVISION))
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