Commit 9fbd3e43 authored by Huacai Chen's avatar Huacai Chen
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linux: Fix platform device probe for DT-based PCI

On a DT-base PCI platform, the sysfs path of vga device is like this:

Then the ID_PATH from udev is platform-1a000000.pci-pci-0000:04:00.0 and
the BusID will be pci-0000:04:00.0, which causes Xorg start fail. This
is because config_udev_odev_setup_attribs() use strstr() to search the
first "pci-" in ID_PATH. To fix this, we implement a strrstr() function
and use it to search the last "pci-" in ID_PATH, which can get a correct

Signed-off-by: default avatarHuacai Chen <>
parent 591916ea
......@@ -477,6 +477,31 @@ config_udev_fini(void)
/* Find the last occurrence of the needle in haystack */
static char *strrstr(const char *haystack, const char *needle)
char *prev, *last, *tmp;
prev = strstr(haystack, needle);
if (!prev)
return NULL;
last = prev;
tmp = prev + 1;
while (tmp) {
last = strstr(tmp, needle);
if (!last)
return prev;
else {
prev = last;
tmp = prev + 1;
return last;
static void
config_udev_odev_setup_attribs(struct udev_device *udev_device, const char *path, const char *syspath,
int major, int minor,
......@@ -491,7 +516,7 @@ config_udev_odev_setup_attribs(struct udev_device *udev_device, const char *path
attribs->minor = minor;
value = udev_device_get_property_value(udev_device, "ID_PATH");
if (value && (str = strstr(value, "pci-"))) {
if (value && (str = strrstr(value, "pci-"))) {
attribs->busid = XNFstrdup(str);
attribs->busid[3] = ':';
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