Commit 31fb35a7 authored by Demi Marie Obenour's avatar Demi Marie Obenour
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XFixes: add version check for byteswapped clients

The version check for byteswapped clients was missing.
parent 7eba4120
......@@ -215,7 +215,11 @@ static _X_COLD int
SProcXFixesDispatch(ClientPtr client)
if (stuff->xfixesReqType >= XFixesNumberRequests)
XFixesClientPtr pXFixesClient = GetXFixesClient(client);
if (pXFixesClient->major_version >= ARRAY_SIZE(version_requests))
return BadRequest;
if (stuff->xfixesReqType > version_requests[pXFixesClient->major_version])
return BadRequest;
return (*SProcXFixesVector[stuff->xfixesReqType]) (client);
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