Commit 19db6380 authored by Roman Gilg's avatar Roman Gilg
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xwayland: Replace need_rotate boolean with simple check on xdg-output

The need_rotate variable is only used once anymore and had semantics which lead
to errors in the past. In particular when negated we are dealing with a double

The variable gets replaced with a simple check on the xdg-output directly.
Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <>
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......@@ -503,17 +503,16 @@ apply_output_change(struct xwl_output *xwl_output)
int mode_width, mode_height, count;
int width = 0, height = 0, has_this_output = 0;
RRModePtr *randr_modes;
Bool need_rotate;
/* Clear out the "done" received flags */
xwl_output->wl_output_done = FALSE;
xwl_output->xdg_output_done = FALSE;
/* xdg-output sends output size in compositor space. so already rotated */
need_rotate = (xwl_output->xdg_output == NULL);
/* We need to rotate back the logical size for the mode */
if (need_rotate || xwl_output->rotation & (RR_Rotate_0 | RR_Rotate_180)) {
/* When we have received an xdg-output for the mode size we might need to
* rotate back the stored logical size it provided.
if (xwl_output->xdg_output == NULL
|| xwl_output->rotation & (RR_Rotate_0 | RR_Rotate_180)) {
mode_width = xwl_output->width;
mode_height = xwl_output->height;
} else {
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