Commit a1a73db6 authored by Kyle Brenneman's avatar Kyle Brenneman
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Merge branch 'egl-registry-sync' into 'master'

egl: Sync with Khronos

Update egl.h and egl.xml to upstream commit de3a5e867d906a04a5c37ee0d89e7f01d3598eb9.

Closes #193

See merge request glvnd/libglvnd!192
parents 6fc91b93 51233cc5
......@@ -116,6 +116,12 @@ typedef intptr_t EGLNativeDisplayType;
typedef intptr_t EGLNativePixmapType;
typedef intptr_t EGLNativeWindowType;
#elif defined(__unix__) && defined(EGL_NO_X11)
typedef void *EGLNativeDisplayType;
typedef khronos_uintptr_t EGLNativePixmapType;
typedef khronos_uintptr_t EGLNativeWindowType;
#elif defined(__unix__) || defined(USE_X11)
/* X11 (tentative) */
......@@ -1002,6 +1002,9 @@
<enum value="0x3490" name="EGL_GL_COLORSPACE_DISPLAY_P3_PASSTHROUGH_EXT"/>
<unused start="0x3491" end="0x349F"/>
<enums namespace="EGL" start="0x34A0" end="0x34AF" vendor="ANGLE" comment="Reserved for Ken Russell - ANGLE (via github pull request)">
<unused start="0x34A0" end="0x34AF"/>
<!-- Please remember that new enumerant allocations must be obtained by
request to the Khronos API registrar (see comments at the top of this
......@@ -1012,8 +1015,8 @@
<!-- Reservable for future use. To generate a new range, allocate multiples
of 16 starting at the lowest available point in this block. -->
<enums namespace="EGL" start="0x34A0" end="0x3FFF" vendor="KHR" comment="Reserved for future use">
<unused start="0x34A0" end="0x3FFF"/>
<enums namespace="EGL" start="0x34B0" end="0x3FFF" vendor="KHR" comment="Reserved for future use">
<unused start="0x34B0" end="0x3FFF"/>
<enums namespace="EGL" start="0x8F70" end="0x8F7F" vendor="HI" comment="For Mark Callow, Khronos bug 4055. Shared with GL.">
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