[DO NOT MERGE] Android: Build pps-producer

Meson within AOSP scripts can't be used to produce executables
(they need some extensive rework to do it).

Therefore this patch is not for merging into mainline/mesa.
User can cherry-pick it prior to debugging.

How to use (panfrost-specific example):

1. Add pps-producer into your device.mk:

    PRODUCT_PACKAGES += pps-producer

2. Build/deploy android.

3. Enable additional panfrost IOCTLs, run:

    adb root
    adb shell "echo Y > /sys/module/panfrost/parameters/unstable_ioctls"

4. Run `adb root && adb shell pps-producer`, check output in terminal.

    [557.448]        pps_driver.cc:88 Driver selected: panfrost
    [557.449]   pps_datasource.cc:139 Waiting for start

   Keep this daemon running, use another terminal for remaining stuff.

5. Ensure data source is registered by pps-producer daemon
   Run `adb shell perfetto --query` , check if output contains:

    gpu.counters.panfrost                    pps-producer ()

6. Open perfetto.dev in the browser. Click record new trace, enable
   all necessary events. I could not find any option to add custom
   dataset using perfetto web UI, therefore you have to click
   "Recording command", copy and paste it into any text editor and
   add the following section:

    data_sources: {
      config {
        name: "gpu.counters.panfrost"
        gpu_counter_config {
          counter_period_ns: 1000000

7. Copy modified commands from the editor and paste them into separate
   terminal. After record complete check pps-producer is still running.
   It can fail time-to-time, in this case you have to restart it and
   repeat the procedure.

8. Pull the trace from the device:
   `adb pull /data/misc/perfetto-traces/trace ~/trace`

9. Open the trace using https://perfetto.dev/ web UI

10. Have a fun with debugging.

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <r.stratiienko@gmail.com>
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