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freedreno/ir3: do better job of marking convergence points

Signed-off-by: Rob Clark's avatarRob Clark <>
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......@@ -499,45 +499,38 @@ resolve_jumps(struct ir3 *ir)
return false;
/* we want to mark points where divergent flow control re-converges
* with (jp) flags. For now, since we don't do any optimization for
* things that start out as a 'do {} while()', re-convergence points
* will always be a branch or jump target. Note that this is overly
* conservative, since unconditional jump targets are not convergence
* points, we are just assuming that the other path to reach the jump
* target was divergent. If we were clever enough to optimize the
* jump at end of a loop back to a conditional branch into a single
* conditional branch, ie. like:
* add.f r1.w, r0.x, (neg)(r)c2.x <= loop start
* mul.f r1.z, r1.z, r0.x
* mul.f r1.y, r1.y, r0.x
* mul.f r0.z, r1.x, r0.x
* mul.f r0.w, r0.y, r0.x
* r0.x, (r)c2.y, (r)r1.w
* add.s r0.x, (r)r0.x, (r)-1
* sel.f32 r0.x, (r)c3.y, (r)r0.x, c3.x
* cmps.f.eq p0.x, r0.x, c3.y
* mov.f32f32 r0.x, r1.w
* mov.f32f32 r0.y, r0.w
* mov.f32f32 r1.x, r0.z
* (rpt2)nop
* br !p0.x, #-13
* (jp)mul.f r0.x, c263.y, r1.y
static void mark_jp(struct ir3_block *block)
struct ir3_instruction *target = list_first_entry(&block->instr_list,
struct ir3_instruction, node);
target->flags |= IR3_INSTR_JP;
/* Mark points where control flow converges or diverges.
* Then we'd have to be more clever, as the convergence point is no
* longer a branch or jump target.
* Divergence points could actually be re-convergence points where
* "parked" threads are recoverged with threads that took the opposite
* path last time around. Possibly it is easier to think of (jp) as
* "the execution mask might have changed".
static void
mark_convergence_points(struct ir3 *ir)
mark_xvergence_points(struct ir3 *ir)
list_for_each_entry (struct ir3_block, block, &ir->block_list, node) {
list_for_each_entry (struct ir3_instruction, instr, &block->instr_list, node) {
if (is_flow(instr) && instr-> {
struct ir3_instruction *target =
struct ir3_instruction, node);
target->flags |= IR3_INSTR_JP;
if (block->predecessors->entries > 1) {
/* if a block has more than one possible predecessor, then
* the first instruction is a convergence point.
} else if (block->predecessors->entries == 1) {
/* If a block has one predecessor, which has multiple possible
* successors, it is a divergence point.
set_foreach(block->predecessors, entry) {
struct ir3_block *predecessor = (struct ir3_block *)entry->key;
if (predecessor->successors[1]) {
......@@ -574,7 +567,7 @@ ir3_legalize(struct ir3 *ir, bool *has_ssbo, bool *need_pixlod, int *max_bary)
} while(resolve_jumps(ir));
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