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# Submit a bug report
## Current behaviour
Explain the current behaviour and why it is wrong
If you want to report a rendering or parsing bug, or a missing PDF feature,
please provide an example PDF file as an attachment to your bug report. It
really helps if you can minimize the PDF to only the items required to
reproduce the bug or the missing feature, but it is not absolutely required.
**Please be careful** of publishing PDF files that you don't want other people
to see, or files whose copyright does not allow redistribution; the bug tracker
is a public resource and attachments are visible to everyone.
## Expected behaviour
Explain the correct behaviour
## Steps to reproduce
Explain the steps needed to trigger the wrong behaviour:
1. ...
## System Information
Please make sure to include system and version information in your bug report
### OS
<!-- insert the output of `lsb_release -a` between the ``` below -->
### PDF reader / libpoppler version
<!-- insert the version of libpoppler reader here. Use your package manager to query it -->
# ArchLinux Example
$ pacman -Q poppler
poppler 21.01.0-1
# Debian / Ubuntu Example
$ apt list libpoppler* --installed
Listing... Done
libpoppler-glib8/stable,now 0.71.0-5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libpoppler82/stable,now 0.71.0-5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
<!-- insert the version of pdf reader here. Use `okular --version` or `evince --version` for example. -->
# Example
$ evince --version
GNOME Document Viewer 3.38.1
Supports Markdown
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