Commit 978c7238 authored by Jamey Sharp's avatar Jamey Sharp

poll_for_response: Really handle xcb_poll_for_reply getting a reply.

Don't lose async replies. That's bad.

`xlsfonts -l`, which uses XListFontsWithInfo, worked fine, because the
_XReply path worked; that path waited for replies, rather than polling.

However, XRecordProcessReplies, which does nothing but call XPending,
relied on the event-handling path to process async replies, and that was

Fixes: Jamey Sharp's avatarJamey Sharp <>
parent ef67486c
...@@ -239,7 +239,8 @@ static xcb_generic_reply_t *poll_for_response(Display *dpy) ...@@ -239,7 +239,8 @@ static xcb_generic_reply_t *poll_for_response(Display *dpy)
{ {
assert(XLIB_SEQUENCE_COMPARE(req->sequence, <=, dpy->request)); assert(XLIB_SEQUENCE_COMPARE(req->sequence, <=, dpy->request));
dpy->last_request_read = req->sequence; dpy->last_request_read = req->sequence;
if(!response) if(response)
dequeue_pending_request(dpy, req); dequeue_pending_request(dpy, req);
if(error) if(error)
return (xcb_generic_reply_t *) error; return (xcb_generic_reply_t *) error;
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