Commit 0c3ab365 authored by Florian Panzer's avatar Florian Panzer


parent 0891c910
......@@ -216,8 +216,24 @@ ImpactIdentify(int flags)
static Bool
ImpactProbe(DriverPtr drv, int flags)
/* TODO: make probing great again */
return TRUE;
int numDevSections, numUsed, i, j, busID;
Bool foundScreen = FALSE;
GDevPtr *devSections;
struct probed_id probedIDs[IMPACT_MAX_BOARDS];
memType base;
if ((numDevSections = xf86MatchDevice(IMPACT_DRIVER_NAME,&devSections))
<= 0)
return FALSE;
numUsed = ImpactHWProbe(probedIDs, IMPACT_MAX_BOARDS);
if (numUsed <= 0)
return FALSE;
if (flags & PROBE_DETECT)
foundScreen = TRUE;
return foundScreen;
/* most of this is from DESIGN.TXT s20.3.6 */
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