Commit c023c95e authored by Andreas Baierl's avatar Andreas Baierl Committed by Marge Bot
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lima: Remove depth near/far workaround

because this is fixed now.
Reviewed-by: Erico Nunes's avatarErico Nunes <>
Signed-off-by: Andreas Baierl's avatarAndreas Baierl <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!12804>
parent a71b945a
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......@@ -656,15 +656,6 @@ lima_pack_render_state(struct lima_context *ctx, const struct pipe_draw_info *in
near = float_to_ushort(ctx->viewport.near);
far = float_to_ushort(ctx->viewport.far);
/* Insert a small 'epsilon' difference between 'near' and 'far' when
* they are equal, to avoid application bugs. */
if (far == near) {
if (near > 0)
if (far < USHRT_MAX)
/* overlap with plbu? any place can remove one? */
render->depth_range = near | (far << 16);
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