• Use current idmap options for smb.conf [rhbz#1484072]
  • Find NetBIOS name in keytab while leaving [rhbz#1370457]
  • Work properly with Python 3
  • discover: try to get domain name from hostname [rhbz#1619162]
  • Set 'NEWEST' flag when resolving packages with PackageKit
  • service: use "kerberos method" "secrets and keytab" [rhbz#1801195]
  • Use startTLS with FreeIPA [#23]
  • service: use 'additional dns hostnames' with net ads join [rhbz#1867912]
  • Fix pam misconfiguration for SUSE systems
  • Also install libnss-winbind on Debian systems
  • Kerberos: add default_domain and udp_preference_limit [rhbz#1791016]
  • tools: add --use-ldaps option for discover, join and leave [rhbz#1826964]
  • Fix nsswitch handling when joining and leaving domain for suse distro
  • paths: install realmd in libexecdir [#26]
  • tools: enforce absolute path for install option [#27]

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