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    • Matthew Waters's avatar
      gl/examples/qt: hook up to meson build · 02602dd6
      Matthew Waters authored
      Part-of: <!702>
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      video-converter: Add checks for configuration sanity. · 205bb066
      Jan Schmidt authored
      If the cropping or scaling input or output rects put us completely
      outside the input/output frame respectively, we can't draw anything
      except black safely. Check for those conditions and don't set up a
      configuration that attempts to access out of bounds memory outside
      the input/output framebuffers.
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-base!696>
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      video-converter: Guard against invalid frame input · bf5d51c5
      Jan Schmidt authored
      If the frames passed in to gst_video_converter_frame()
      have a different layout than was configured for, the
      conversion code might go out of bounds and crash.
      Do a sanity check on each frame passed in, and in the
      absence of a return value in the API, just
      refuse the conversion in invalid cases and leave the
      destination frame untouched so it's obvious to
      users that it was broken.
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-base!696>
    • David Bender's avatar
      gstglwindow_x11: fix resize · b4bdb75a
      David Bender authored
      This patch was taken from #629#note_178766, the comment made
      at the time was:
      The root issue is a mismatch between the initialization of render_rect
      in GstGLWindowX11Private and what's expected in the draw_cb function.
      Because render_rect is not explicitly initialized to a width and height
      of -1 (unlike gstglwindow_wayland_egl.c which does initialize to -1),
      the less-than check for explicitly-set render_rect at gstglwindow_x11.c:453-454
      always fails, even when the parent_win has been set and the render rectangle
      has never been set.
      Maybe this came from copying the similar check in the wayland code? Regardless,
      I think the correct inequality should be '<= 0' (on both lines).
      Alternatively initialization could be changed, but other sinks, e.g.
      xvimagesink don't appear to use -1 to mean "unset" render_rect this way.
      The issue can be reproduced by running the example in
      tests/examples/gl/qt/videooverlay/ on X11, and resizing the output
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-base!701>
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