Commit a81267f2 authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig
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panfrost/midgard: imov workaround

Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
parent 53d6e113
......@@ -1134,12 +1134,7 @@ emit_alu(compiler_context *ctx, nir_alu_instr *instr)
ALU_CASE(isub, isub);
ALU_CASE(imul, imul);
ALU_CASE(iabs, iabs);
/* XXX: Use fmov, not imov for now, since NIR does not
* differentiate well (it'll happily emits imov for floats,
* which the hardware rather dislikes and breaks e.g
* -bjellyfish */
ALU_CASE(imov, fmov);
ALU_CASE(imov, imov);
ALU_CASE(feq32, feq);
ALU_CASE(fne32, fne);
......@@ -3236,6 +3231,31 @@ midgard_opt_copy_prop_tex(compiler_context *ctx, midgard_block *block)
return progress;
/* We don't really understand the imov/fmov split, so always use fmov (but let
* it be imov in the IR so we don't do unsafe floating point "optimizations"
* and break things */
static void
midgard_imov_workaround(compiler_context *ctx, midgard_block *block)
mir_foreach_instr_in_block_safe(block, ins) {
if (ins->type != TAG_ALU_4) continue;
if (ins->alu.op != midgard_alu_op_imov) continue;
ins->alu.op = midgard_alu_op_fmov;
ins->alu.outmod = midgard_outmod_none;
/* Remove flags that don't make sense */
midgard_vector_alu_src s =
s.mod = 0;
ins->alu.src2 = vector_alu_srco_unsigned(s);
/* The following passes reorder MIR instructions to enable better scheduling */
static void
......@@ -3487,6 +3507,7 @@ emit_block(compiler_context *ctx, nir_block *block)
midgard_emit_store(ctx, this_block);
midgard_pair_load_store(ctx, this_block);
midgard_imov_workaround(ctx, this_block);
/* Append fragment shader epilogue (value writeout) */
if (ctx->stage == MESA_SHADER_FRAGMENT) {
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