Commit 42210a43 authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt
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v3d: Apply the GFXH-930 workaround to the case where the VS loads attrs.

We were emitting a dummy load for when the VS doesn't load any attributes,
but we also need to emit a dummy load for when the render VS loads
attributes but the binner VS doesn't.  Fixes simulator assertion failures
and GPU hangs on KHR-GLES31.core.texture_gather.\*
parent 448fc3ea
......@@ -322,6 +322,7 @@ v3d_emit_gl_shader_state(struct v3d_context *v3d,
bool cs_loaded_any = false;
for (int i = 0; i < vtx->num_elements; i++) {
struct pipe_vertex_element *elem = &vtx->pipe[i];
struct pipe_vertex_buffer *vb =
......@@ -341,6 +342,20 @@ v3d_emit_gl_shader_state(struct v3d_context *v3d,
attr.number_of_values_read_by_vertex_shader =
/* GFXH-930: At least one attribute must be enabled
* and read by CS and VS. If we have attributes being
* consumed by the VS but not the CS, then set up a
* dummy load of the last attribute into the CS's VPM
* inputs. (Since CS is just dead-code-elimination
* compared to VS, we can't have CS loading but not
* VS).
if (v3d->prog.cs->prog_data.vs->vattr_sizes[i])
cs_loaded_any = true;
if (i == vtx->num_elements - 1 && !cs_loaded_any) {
attr.number_of_values_read_by_coordinate_shader = 1;
#if V3D_VERSION >= 41
attr.maximum_index = 0xffffff;
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