Commit 41e105d5 authored by Christoph Bumiller's avatar Christoph Bumiller
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nvc0: add missing call to map edge flag in push_vbo

Note: this is a candidate for the 9.0 stable branch.
parent be75a937
......@@ -439,6 +439,9 @@ nvc0_push_vbo(struct nvc0_context *nvc0, const struct pipe_draw_info *info)
nvc0_vertex_configure_translate(nvc0, info->index_bias);
if (unlikely(ctx.edgeflag.enabled))
nvc0_push_map_edgeflag(&ctx, nvc0, info->index_bias);
ctx.prim_restart = info->primitive_restart;
ctx.restart_index = info->restart_index;
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