Commit 346ce0b9 authored by Ilia Mirkin's avatar Ilia Mirkin
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nvc0/ir: don't worry about sampler in txq handling

There's no need to deal with samplers for texture size queries. That
code also was accidentally setting an invalid sIndirectSrc position, but
it can now just be removed.

Signed-off-by: Ilia Mirkin's avatarIlia Mirkin <>
parent 20e484af
......@@ -956,44 +956,30 @@ NVC0LoweringPass::handleTXD(TexInstruction *txd)
NVC0LoweringPass::handleTXQ(TexInstruction *txq)
if (txq->tex.rIndirectSrc < 0 && txq->tex.sIndirectSrc < 0)
if (txq->tex.rIndirectSrc < 0)
return true;
Value *ticRel = txq->getIndirectR();
Value *tscRel = txq->getIndirectS();
const int chipset = prog->getTarget()->getChipset();
txq->tex.sIndirectSrc = -1;
if (chipset < NVISA_GK104_CHIPSET) {
LValue *src = new_LValue(func, FILE_GPR); // 0xttxsaaaa
if (ticRel) {
txq->setSrc(txq->tex.rIndirectSrc, NULL);
if (txq->tex.r)
ticRel = bld.mkOp2v(OP_ADD, TYPE_U32, bld.getScratch(),
ticRel, bld.mkImm(txq->tex.r));
if (tscRel) {
txq->setSrc(txq->tex.sIndirectSrc, NULL);
if (txq->tex.s)
tscRel = bld.mkOp2v(OP_ADD, TYPE_U32, bld.getScratch(),
tscRel, bld.mkImm(txq->tex.s));
bld.loadImm(src, 0);
if (ticRel)
bld.mkOp3(OP_INSBF, TYPE_U32, src, ticRel, bld.mkImm(0x0917), src);
if (tscRel)
bld.mkOp3(OP_INSBF, TYPE_U32, src, tscRel, bld.mkImm(0x0710), src);
bld.mkOp2(OP_SHL, TYPE_U32, src, ticRel, bld.mkImm(0x17));
txq->moveSources(0, 1);
txq->setSrc(0, src);
} else {
// XXX this ignores tsc, and assumes a 1:1 mapping
assert(txq->tex.rIndirectSrc >= 0);
Value *hnd = loadTexHandle(
bld.mkOp2v(OP_SHL, TYPE_U32, bld.getSSA(),
txq->getIndirectR(), bld.mkImm(2)),
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