Commit 11518384 authored by Plamena Manolova's avatar Plamena Manolova
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i965: Re-enable fast color clears for GEN11.

This patch re-enables fast color clears for GEN11.
It also ensures that we use linear color formats
for sRGB surfaces during fast clears.
Signed-off-by: Plamena Manolova's avatarPlamena Manolova <>
Reviewed-by: Nanley Chery's avatarNanley Chery <>
Reviewed-by: Rafael Antognolli's avatarRafael Antognolli <>
parent 9175c705
......@@ -1273,11 +1273,6 @@ do_single_blorp_clear(struct brw_context *brw, struct gl_framebuffer *fb,
/* FINISHME: Debug and enable fast clears */
const struct gen_device_info *devinfo = &brw->screen->devinfo;
if (devinfo->gen >= 11)
can_fast_clear = false;
if (can_fast_clear) {
const enum isl_aux_state aux_state =
intel_miptree_get_aux_state(irb->mt, irb->mt_level, irb->mt_layer);
......@@ -1285,13 +1280,13 @@ do_single_blorp_clear(struct brw_context *brw, struct gl_framebuffer *fb,
brw_meta_convert_fast_clear_color(brw, irb->mt,
intel_miptree_set_clear_color(brw, irb->mt, clear_color);
/* If the buffer is already in ISL_AUX_STATE_CLEAR, the clear
* is redundant and can be skipped.
/* If the buffer is already in ISL_AUX_STATE_CLEAR and the clear color
* hasn't changed, the clear is redundant and can be skipped.
if (aux_state == ISL_AUX_STATE_CLEAR)
if (!intel_miptree_set_clear_color(brw, irb->mt, clear_color) &&
aux_state == ISL_AUX_STATE_CLEAR) {
DBG("%s (fast) to mt %p level %d layers %d+%d\n", __FUNCTION__,
irb->mt, irb->mt_level, irb->mt_layer, num_layers);
......@@ -1316,11 +1311,9 @@ do_single_blorp_clear(struct brw_context *brw, struct gl_framebuffer *fb,
brw_emit_end_of_pipe_sync(brw, PIPE_CONTROL_RENDER_TARGET_FLUSH);
struct blorp_batch batch;
blorp_batch_init(&brw->blorp, &batch, brw,
blorp_fast_clear(&batch, &surf, isl_format,
level, irb->mt_layer, num_layers,
x0, y0, x1, y1);
blorp_batch_init(&brw->blorp, &batch, brw, 0);
blorp_fast_clear(&batch, &surf, isl_format_srgb_to_linear(isl_format),
level, irb->mt_layer, num_layers, x0, y0, x1, y1);
brw_emit_end_of_pipe_sync(brw, PIPE_CONTROL_RENDER_TARGET_FLUSH);
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