Commit 00d4e78e authored by Jason Ekstrand's avatar Jason Ekstrand
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nir/algebraic: Optimize integer cast-of-cast

These have been popping up more and more with the OpenCL work and other
bits causing extra conversions to/from 64-bit.
Reviewed-by: Karol Herbst's avatarKarol Herbst <>
parent 934f1783
......@@ -884,6 +884,48 @@ for x, y in itertools.product(['f', 'u', 'i'], ['f', 'u', 'i']):
x2yN = '{}2{}'.format(x, y)
optimizations.append(((x2yN, (b2x, a)), (b2y, a)))
# Optimize away x2xN(a@N)
for t in ['int', 'uint', 'float']:
for N in type_sizes(t):
x2xN = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(t[0], N)
aN = 'a@{0}'.format(N)
optimizations.append(((x2xN, aN), a))
# Optimize x2xN(y2yM(a@P)) -> y2yN(a) for integers
# In particular, we can optimize away everything except upcast of downcast and
# upcasts where the type differs from the other cast
for N, M in itertools.product(type_sizes('uint'), type_sizes('uint')):
if N < M:
# The outer cast is a down-cast. It doesn't matter what the size of the
# argument of the inner cast is because we'll never been in the upcast
# of downcast case. Regardless of types, we'll always end up with y2yN
# in the end.
for x, y in itertools.product(['i', 'u'], ['i', 'u']):
x2xN = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(x, N)
y2yM = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(y, M)
y2yN = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(y, N)
optimizations.append(((x2xN, (y2yM, a)), (y2yN, a)))
elif N > M:
# If the outer cast is an up-cast, we have to be more careful about the
# size of the argument of the inner cast and with types. In this case,
# the type is always the type of type up-cast which is given by the
# outer cast.
for P in type_sizes('uint'):
# We can't optimize away up-cast of down-cast.
if M < P:
# Because we're doing down-cast of down-cast, the types always have
# to match between the two casts
for x in ['i', 'u']:
x2xN = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(x, N)
x2xM = '{0}2{0}{1}'.format(x, M)
aP = 'a@{0}'.format(P)
optimizations.append(((x2xN, (x2xM, aP)), (x2xN, a)))
# The N == M case is handled by other optimizations
def fexp2i(exp, bits):
# We assume that exp is already in the right range.
if bits == 16:
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