Commit d867837d authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

libnm: fix dns-configuration property type

Fixes: a8d60052 ('libnm: implement support for DNS manager properties')
parent 697b9864
......@@ -3701,15 +3701,10 @@ nm_client_class_init (NMClientClass *client_class)
* NMClient:dns-configuration: (type GPtrArray(GVariant))
* The current DNS configuration represented as an array of
* dictionaries. Each dictionary has the "nameservers",
* "priority" keys and, optionally, "interface" and "vpn".
* "nameservers" is the list of DNS servers, "priority" their
* relative priority, "interface" the interface on which these
* servers are contacted, "vpn" a boolean telling whether the
* configuration was obtained from a VPN connection.
* NMClient:dns-configuration: (type GPtrArray(NMDnsEntry))
* The current DNS configuration, represented as an array
* of #NMDnsEntry objects.
* Since: 1.6
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