Commit 0446b4fe authored by P V's avatar P V Committed by George Kiagiadakis
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wp: invalidate WpGlobal id when removed from registry

Once an object is removed from the registry, its id is invalidated and
can be later reused by other objects. WpGlobal objects may be
long-lived: e.g. those in tmp_globals may live over an add,remove,add
sequence for the same id, and a new WpGlobal must be used for the second
add. However, currently e.g. wp_registry_prepare_new_global may pick the
WpGlobal for a previously removed object from the tmp_globals list.

To address this, invalidate the WpGlobal id immediately when we get the
registry remove event.
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......@@ -1064,7 +1064,7 @@ expose_tmp_globals (WpCore *core, GAsyncResult *res, WpRegistry *self)
WpGlobal *g = g_ptr_array_index (tmp_globals, i);
/* if global was already removed, drop it */
if (g->flags == 0)
if (g->flags == 0 || g->id == SPA_ID_INVALID)
/* if old global is owned by proxy, remove it */
......@@ -1307,6 +1307,7 @@ void
wp_global_rm_flag (WpGlobal *global, guint rm_flag)
WpRegistry *reg = global->registry;
guint32 id = global->id;
/* no flag to remove */
if (!(global->flags & rm_flag))
......@@ -1314,7 +1315,7 @@ wp_global_rm_flag (WpGlobal *global, guint rm_flag)
wp_trace_boxed (WP_TYPE_GLOBAL, global,
"remove global %u flag 0x%x [flags:0x%x, reg:%p]",
global->id, rm_flag, global->flags, reg);
id, rm_flag, global->flags, reg);
/* global was owned by the proxy; by removing the flag, we clear out
also the proxy pointer, which is presumably no longer valid and we
......@@ -1350,11 +1351,19 @@ wp_global_rm_flag (WpGlobal *global, guint rm_flag)
if (global->flags == 0)
g_object_unref (proxy);
/* It's possible to receive consecutive {add, remove, add} events for the
* same id. Since the WpGlobal might not be destroyed immediately below,
* (e.g. it's in tmp_globals list), we must invalidate the id now, so that
* this WpGlobal is not used in reference to objects added later.
global->id = SPA_ID_INVALID;
wp_properties_setf (global->properties, PW_KEY_OBJECT_ID, NULL);
/* drop the registry's ref on global when it does not appear on the registry anymore */
if (!(global->flags & WP_GLOBAL_FLAG_APPEARS_ON_REGISTRY) && reg) {
g_clear_pointer (&g_ptr_array_index (reg->globals, global->id), wp_global_unref);
g_clear_pointer (&g_ptr_array_index (reg->globals, id), wp_global_unref);
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