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    scripts: Introduce benchmark_memory_usage.sh · c0f2e7d3
    Ahmed S. Darwish authored
    Add shell script to sample PulseAudio memory usage while increasing
    the number of connected 'paplay' clients over time.
    Linux kernel /proc/$PID/smaps Private and Shared_Dirty fields are used
    to accurately measure the total size of used dirty pages over time.
    This shall be useful for benchmarking the PA daemon's memory while
    introducing new features like per-client SHM access and memfds.
    Also add an empty benchmarks-collection directory 'benchmarks/'. All
    output from the benchmarking tools shall be saved in this place, with
    timestamps and symbolic links to the newest versions.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAhmed S. Darwish <darwish.07@gmail.com>
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