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      git-version-gen: Honor GIT_DESCRIBE_FOR_BUILD environment variable · f16a532e
      Colin Walters authored
      The GNOME-OSTree build system currently creates chroots and bind
      mounts to the source tree outside the root; this means that we can't
      necessarily run git inside the root, because in the case of git
      submodules, the .git repository will point to outside root.
      Also, error out fatally if we fail to determine the version; it
      makes no sense to put UNKNOWN in e.g. the pkg-config files
      since this will just cause errors later on.
  5. 05 Dec, 2010 1 commit
    • Colin Guthrie's avatar
      build-sys: Include the .version file in the distribution tarball · 36f7a408
      Colin Guthrie authored
      As per the comments in git-version-gen, the .version file that is
      typically generated automatically during build should be included
      in the tarball, so generate it in the dist-hook.
      This fixes a problem when running make distcheck which uses a read-only
      source folder and thus cannot generate the $top_srcdir/.version as
      part of it's build process (it uses a _build folder which is r/w)
      and thus cannot be built.
  6. 04 Dec, 2010 1 commit
    • Colin Guthrie's avatar
      build-sys: Add some smarts to version extraction from git tags. · ba2e5f44
      Colin Guthrie authored
      When we are dealing with a tag against a commit with other tags applied,
      then favour the first tag, not the last one. This allows us to tag a release
      as e.g. v1.0, v1.1-dev and v2.0-dev and get a version of 1.0 rather than the
      newer tags.
      This also removes support for git versions that do not accept
      the --match argument as we also now make use of the --contains arg
      which was added at the same time (I think)
      Additionally, the v variable is reset just incase it is already exported
      in the shell for some reason.
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