Commit b15428d4 authored by Arnaud Rebillout's avatar Arnaud Rebillout Committed by Arun Raghavan

meson: Handle man pages symlinks with a meson install script

This seems to be the common way to handle that, until meson decides to
address #1602: Arnaud Rebillout's avatarArnaud Rebillout <>
parent 6826c60d
# TODO How are symlinks installed by meson?
# We might need meson.add_install_script()
# man page name, section, [aliases]
manpages = [
......@@ -57,13 +55,8 @@ foreach tuple : manpages
foreach alias : aliases
link = custom_target(
output : alias,
command : ['ln', '-fs', man, '@OUTPUT@'],
install : true,
install_dir : mandirn,
dst = join_paths(mandirn, alias)
meson.add_install_script('ln', '-fs', man, dst)
if xmllint.found()
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