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update NEWS for 7.0

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PulseAudio 7.0
Changes at a glance:
* LFE channel synthesis with low-pass filtering
* New libsoxr based resamplers
* Socket activation support for TCP
* The "srbchannel" IPC mechanism enabled by default
* More flexible jack detection support when using UCM
* Exiting due to SIGTERM isn't considered a failure
Detailed change log:
Ahmed S. Darwish
Alexander E. Patrakov
Andrey Semashev
Andrey Zholos
Arun Raghavan
Cédric Valmary
David Henningsson
David Herrmann
Deepak Srivastava
Dušan Kazik
Felipe Sateler
Hui Wang
Jaska Uimonen
Juho Hämäläinen
Manish Sogi
Milo Casagrande
Muhammet Kara
Paul Menzel
Peter Meerwald
Pierre Ossman
René J. V. Bertin
Sagar Nageshmurthy
Shawn Walker
Sukesh Adiga
Takashi Sakamoto
Tanu Kaskinen
Ville Skyttä
Wim Taymans
Yuri Chornoivan
PulseAudio 6.0
Changes at a glance:
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