Commit 8d0e9c05 authored by Tanu Kaskinen's avatar Tanu Kaskinen Committed by Colin Guthrie

doc: Add an example stream-restore fallback table file.

parent 188c91b5
# This is an example fallback table file for module-stream-restore.
# Lines starting with '#' or ';' are regarded as comments and ignored.
# Empty lines are allowed.
# Each non-comment and non-empty line defines the default volume
# for one stream-restore database key. For example:
sink-input-by-media-role:phone -4.2
# That line sets the volume of sink inputs with media role "phone"
# to -4.2 dB (relative to the sink volume), if the
# "sink-input-by-media-role:phone" key doesn't already exist in the
# stream-restore database. Positive dB values are not allowed.
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