Commit 62dc0ad6 authored by Andrey Semashev's avatar Andrey Semashev Committed by David Henningsson

Added documentation for soxr resampling methods.

parent 6ea00eeb
......@@ -86,7 +86,8 @@ License along with PulseAudio; if not, see <>.
<opt>src-sinc-medium-quality</opt>, <opt>src-sinc-fastest</opt>,
<opt>src-zero-order-hold</opt>, <opt>src-linear</opt>,
<opt>trivial</opt>, <opt>speex-float-N</opt>,
<opt>speex-fixed-N</opt>, <opt>ffmpeg</opt>. See the
<opt>speex-fixed-N</opt>, <opt>ffmpeg</opt>, <opt>soxr-mq</opt>,
<opt>soxr-hq</opt>, <opt>soxr-vhq</opt>. See the
documentation of libsamplerate and speex for explanations of the
different src- and speex- methods, respectively. The method
<opt>trivial</opt> is the most basic algorithm implemented. If
......@@ -96,8 +97,15 @@ License along with PulseAudio; if not, see <>.
exist in two flavours: <opt>fixed</opt> and <opt>float</opt>. The former uses fixed point
numbers, the latter relies on floating point numbers. On most
desktop CPUs the float point resampler is a lot faster, and it
also offers slightly better quality. See the output of
<opt>dump-resample-methods</opt> for a complete list of all
also offers slightly better quality. The soxr-family methods
are based on libsoxr, a resampler library from the SoX sound processing utility.
The mq variant has the best performance of the three. The hq is more expensive
and, according to SoX developers, is considered the best choice for audio of up to 16 bits per sample.
The vhq variant has more precision than hq and is more suitable for larger samples. The Soxr resamplers
generally offer better quality at less CPU compared to other resamplers, such as speex.
The downside is that they can add a significant delay to the output
(usually up to around 20 ms, in rare cases more).
See the output of <opt>dump-resample-methods</opt> for a complete list of all
available resamplers. Defaults to <opt>speex-float-1</opt>. The
<opt>--resample-method</opt> command line option takes precedence.
Note that some modules overwrite or allow overwriting of the
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