Commit 36f7a408 authored by Colin Guthrie's avatar Colin Guthrie

build-sys: Include the .version file in the distribution tarball

As per the comments in git-version-gen, the .version file that is
typically generated automatically during build should be included
in the tarball, so generate it in the dist-hook.

This fixes a problem when running make distcheck which uses a read-only
source folder and thus cannot generate the $top_srcdir/.version as
part of it's build process (it uses a _build folder which is r/w)
and thus cannot be built.
parent 2f67d6b6
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ dist-hook:
( git-changelog.perl || echo "git-changelog.perl failed." ) > ${distdir}/ChangeLog 2>&1 ; \
echo $(VERSION) > $(distdir)/.tarball-version
echo $(VERSION) > $(distdir)/.version
.PHONY: homepage distcleancheck doxygen
......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ scriptversion=2008-04-08.07.01
# echo $(VERSION) > $@-t && mv $@-t $@
# dist-hook:
# echo $(VERSION) > $(distdir)/.tarball-version
# echo $(VERSION) > $(distdir)/.version
case $# in
1) ;;
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