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    NetBSD: Stop depending upon nonstandard __WORDSIZE · 7c1a5d61
    Kamil Rytarowski authored
    There is no way to check CPU type in a portable way across ABIs.
    Assume if pointers are 64-bit that CPU is capable to perform fast
    64-bit operations. Add an extra check to handle x32-ABI.
    PulseAudio by default builds with -Wundef. If we add -Werror=undef this
    missing define is fatal. By default build log is full of entries like:
    In file included from ./pulsecore/core.h:47:0,
                     from ./pulsecore/module.h:31,
                     from ./pulsecore/sink-input.h:31,
                     from pulsecore/sound-file-stream.c:36:
    ./pulsecore/sample-util.h: In function 'pa_mult_s16_volume':
    ./pulsecore/sample-util.h:58:5: warning: "__WORDSIZE" is not defined [-Wundef]
     #if __WORDSIZE == 64 || ((ULONG_MAX) > (UINT_MAX))
    (NetBSD-7.99.21 with default GCC 4.8.5)
    This change fixes build issues on NetBSD.
    This also address a bug reported by Shawn Walker from Oracle (possibly Solaris):
    Bug 90880 - builds can fail due to non-portable glibc-specific internal macro usage
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