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    client-conf, daemon-conf: enable .d directories · 7b9fcc01
    Tanu Kaskinen authored
    I want to enable client.conf.d, because in OpenEmbedded-core we have
    a graphical environment called Sato that runs as root. Sato needs to
    set allow-autospawn-for-root=true in client.conf, but the default
    configuration in OpenEmbedded-core should not set that option. With
    this patch, I can create a Sato-specific package that simply installs
    50-sato.conf in /etc/pulse/client.conf.d without conflicting with the
    main client.conf coming from a different package.
    daemon.conf.d is enabled just because it would be strange to not
    support it while client.conf.d is supported.
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