PulseAudio 16.0

Changes at a glance:

  • Notes for end users
    • Opus support in RTP modules
    • Improved hardware support
      • EPOS/Sennheiser GSP 670 USB/wireless headset
      • SteelSeries GameDAC
      • Behringer UMC22 generalized to Texas Instruments PCM2902 to support more products
      • NI Komplete Audio 6 MK2 profiles
    • Tunnel latency is now configurable
    • Bluetooth device battery level reporting added
    • Tunnel and combine-sunk latency fixes
    • patcl can show information in JSON format
    • Channel remixing can be disabled for module-combine-sink
    • A lot of fixes to ALSA, bluetooth, and other components.
  • Notes for application developers
    • Stream latency reports now include resampler delay
    • Module installation location changed, remember to upgrade paprefs to the latest version!
  • Notes for packagers
    • Opus support in the RTP modules requires enabling GStreamer
    • Bluetooth battery level reporting via BlueZ requires enabling experimentals features in BlueZ
    • New time smoother implementation
    • Change Meson option 'daemon-only' to 'client'
    • glib and fftw are now common dependencies, not only for the client.
    • Enable GStreamer-based RTP by default when available

Detailed change log: