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    • Tanu Kaskinen's avatar
      tunnel-sink-new: Fix stale audio on resume · e0e0ebb0
      Tanu Kaskinen authored
      I noticed that when resuming the tunnel sink, there was a small amount
      of previously played audio before the new audio started to play.
      Normally that probably wouldn't be noticeable, because there would be
      a few seconds of silence played before suspending the sink due to
      inactivity, so the unwanted old audio would be just silence, but in my
      configuration sinks are suspended immediately when there's nothing
      playing to them, so the glitch becomes audible.
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    • David Henningsson's avatar
      Revert "launch: Disable autospawn by default when systemd daemon support is enabled." · d9854577
      David Henningsson authored
      This reverts commit 7276faca.
      Using the new systemd socket activation for PulseAudio will cause PulseAudio to not
      have any connection with D-Bus, breaking device reservation protocol, module-jackdbus-detect
      and module-dbus-protocol. Therefore, autospawn is now still enabled by default even if you
      build with systemd daemon headers.
    • Tanu Kaskinen's avatar
      card-restore: Fix profile restoring with bluetooth · 1d3fd4f8
      Tanu Kaskinen authored
      The bluetooth card is created when the first profile becomes
      available, which means that the card may have profiles that are not
      available when the card is initialized. If module-card-restore tries
      to restore such profile, that will fail, and the card will be
      initialized with the "off" profile active.
      This patch modifies module-card-restore so that if follows the profile
      availability status, and when the saved profile becomes available, it
      is activated. Additionally, module-card-restore is modified so that it
      doesn't even try to restore unavailable profiles, when the necessary
      information is available. In practice there are two existing places
      where the profile is restored, and only one of those contexts has the
      necessary information available. Unfortunately, it's the more
      important context (card creation) where the information is not
      available. This means that module-card-restore will set the initial
      profile of a new card even if the profile is unavailable, and this
      will cause an ugly warning in the log, even though there's nothing
      abnormal happening.
      BugLink: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=87081
    • David Henningsson's avatar
      bluez5: Do not suspend on no -> unknown profile transitions · de1e78a4
      David Henningsson authored
      In case a transport is currently disconnected and transitions to
      idle, that should not count as a "remote hang up" event.
      Signed-off-by: David Henningsson's avatarDavid Henningsson <david.henningsson@canonical.com>
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