Commit 897ef86b authored by zbt's avatar zbt Committed by Lennart Poettering
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Add volume ramping feature - sink modification

parent 5318eb35
......@@ -1599,10 +1599,14 @@ static void sync_input_volumes_within_thread(pa_sink *s) {
while ((i = PA_SINK_INPUT(pa_hashmap_iterate(s->thread_info.inputs, &state, NULL)))) {
if (pa_atomic_load(&i->before_ramping_v))
i->thread_info.future_soft_volume = i->soft_volume;
if (pa_cvolume_equal(&i->thread_info.soft_volume, &i->soft_volume))
i->thread_info.soft_volume = i->soft_volume;
if (!pa_atomic_load(&i->before_ramping_v))
i->thread_info.soft_volume = i->soft_volume;
pa_sink_input_request_rewind(i, 0, TRUE, FALSE, FALSE);
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