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PulseAudio 12.0
Changes at a glance:
* Better latency reporting (and hence better A/V sync) with the A2DP bluetooth
* Much more accurate latency reporting for AirPlay devices
* module-switch-on-connect now ignores virtual devices
* When using passthrough for compressed audio, set the "non-audio" bit
* Prioritize HDMI output over S/PDIF output
* HSP support for more bluetooth headsets
* Choose the A2DP bluetooth profile by default instead of HSP
* New "sink_input_properties" module argument for module-ladspa-sink
* New "use_system_clock_for_timing" module argument for module-pipe-sink
* module-pipe-sink can now use an existing pipe
* Fixed a crash or high CPU use problem with Intel HDMI LPE
* Steelseries Arctis 7 USB headset stereo output support
* Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 speaker jack support
* Fixed digital input support for some USB sound cards
* Fixed Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 detection
* Ability to disable input or output on macOS
* New "dereverb" option for the Speex echo canceller
* New module: module-always-source
* State files not any more readable by all users in the system mode
* module-augment-properties now uses XDG_DATA_DIRS to find .desktop files
* Updates for the Vala bindings
* The GConf dependency can now be avoided
* qpaeq license changed from AGPL to LGPL
* qpaeq ported to Qt 5
* Compatibility with glibc 2.27
* The esdcompat tool isn't any more installed if esound support is disabled
Detailed change log:
Andika Triwidada
Andrius Štikonas
Arun Raghavan
Cheng-Chia Tseng
Colin Leroy
Constantine Kharlamov
Daniel Rusek
David Henningsson
David Hewitt
Felipe Sateler
Georg Chini
Guenter Milde
Hui Wang
Ian Ray
Johan Heikkilä
Josef Andersson
Jungsup Lee
Khem Raj
Kristian Klausen
Laurent Bigonville
Mihai Moldovan
Mr. M
Peter Meerwald-Stadler
Pierre-Louis Bossart
Piotr Drąg
Russell Treleaven
Salvador Fandino
Samo Pogačnik
Sangchul Lee
Sebastian Dröge
Sylvain Baubeau
Tanu Kaskinen
Vivek Dasmohapatra
wellington wallace
Yuri Chornoivan
PulseAudio 11.1
A bug fix release.
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