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    raop: Merge TCP and UDP code paths + refactoring · 8022e565
    Martin Blanchard authored and Tanu Kaskinen's avatar Tanu Kaskinen committed
    TCP and UDP implementation are following two diffrent code path while code
    logic is quite the same. This patch merges both code path into a unique one
    and, thus, leads to a big refactoring. Major changes include:
      - moving sink implementation to a separate file (raop-sink.c)
      - move raop-sink.c protocol specific code to raop-client.c
      - modernise RTSP session handling in TCP mode
      - reduce code duplications between TCP and UDP modes
      - introduce authentication support
      - TCP mode does not constantly send silent audio anymore
    About authentication: OPTIONS is now issued when the sink is preliminary
    loaded. Client authentication appends at that time and credential is kept
    for the whole sink lifetime. Later RTSP connection will thus look like this:
    ANNOUNCE > 200 OK > SETUP > 200 OK > RECORD > 200 OK (no more OPTIONS). This
    behaviour is similar to iTunes one.
    Also this patch includes file name changes to match Pulseaudio naming
    rules, as most of pulseaudio source code files seem to be using '-'
    instead of '_' as a word separator.