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<h1><a name="top">PulseAudio Preferences @PACKAGE_VERSION@</a></h1>
<p><i>Copyright 2006-2008 Lennart Poettering &lt;@PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@&gt;</i></p>
<p><i>Copyright 2006-2009 Lennart Poettering &lt;@PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@&gt;</i></p>
<ul class="toc">
<li><a href="#license">License</a></li>
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@ General Public License for more details.</p>
<h2><a name="news">News</a></h2>
<div class="news-date">Tue Apr 14 2009: </div> <p class="news-text"><a
href="@PACKAGE_URL@paprefs-0.9.8.tar.gz">Version 0.9.8</a> released; more translations, add RAOP enabling support</p>
<div class="news-date">Tue Sep 9 2008: </div> <p class="news-text"><a
href="@PACKAGE_URL@paprefs-0.9.7.tar.gz">Version 0.9.7</a> released; more translations, other updates</p>
......@@ -95,20 +98,20 @@ compilation and <tt>make install</tt> (as root) for installation of
<p>Christian Persch for patches.</p>
<p>Colin Guthrie for the RAOP support and other fixes.</p>
<h2><a name="download">Download</a></h2>
<p>The newest release is always available from <a href="@PACKAGE_URL@">@PACKAGE_URL@</a></p>
<p>The current release is <a href="@PACKAGE_URL@paprefs-@PACKAGE_VERSION@.tar.gz">@PACKAGE_VERSION@</a></p>
<p>Get <tt>paprefs</tt>'s development sources from the <a href="">Subversion</a> <a href="svn://">repository</a> (<a href="">viewcvs</a>): </p>
<pre>svn checkout svn:// paprefs</pre>
<p>Get <tt>paprefs</tt>'s development sources from the <a href="">GIT</a> <a href="git://">repository</a> (<a href="">gitweb</a>): </p>
<p>If you want to be notified whenever I release a new version of this software use the subscription feature of <a href="">Freshmeat</a>.</p>
<pre>git clone git://</pre>
<address class="grey">Lennart Poettering &lt;@PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@&gt;, September 2008</address>
<address class="grey">Lennart Poettering &lt;@PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@&gt;, April 2009</address>
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