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README: contributing images and math

For images, it's nice to have also the sources in case someone needs to
edit the image later.

For math, these hints should help typesetting math with less pain.

Thanks to @mstoeckl

 for the KaTeX demo link.
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Maintainer access is given on Maintainers' collective discretion.
### Images
Please, also contribute the "sources" (e.g. SVG) of images if
reasonable, even when the image used by the document is an exported one,
e.g. PNG.
### Writing mathematics
If you want to typeset mathematics, use Gitlab flavored Markdown and its
[mathematics support](
It uses [KaTeX]( which supports
[a subset of LaTeX](
[KaTeX demo]( may be helpful for polishing your
markup without needing to push to and view in Gitlab all the time.
## Conduct
This project follows
Supports Markdown
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