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README: description, contributing

Set up the usual project rules, following what wayland-protocols and
wayland use.

Granting permissions is eased given this is mostly for documentation.

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# color-and-hdr
# Color management and HDR documentation for FOSS graphics
Documentation in [this repository](
is intended to help with the design and implementation of color
management and HDR support on FOSS graphincs stacks, including
Mesa (EGL, Vulkan WSI), Linux (DRM KMS), Wayland (compositors and
applications), and even X11.
This is not an archive of proprietary documents like SMPTE, ITU, or VESA
specifications. All content must follow the [license](LICENSE).
## History
Originally this documentation was started to better explain how
[Wayland color management extension](
should be used and what it means.
Widening community interestests particularly in HDR prompted for moving
the documentation into this separate repository to allow a more
streamlined way of contributing to it.
For now, this project lives in a personal space, but if it gets more
traction, moving it into an independent Gitlab group is possible without
losing any Issues or MRs.
## Releases
No releases are made from this repository. Use date or the git hash to
refer to specific revisions of the contents.
## Contributing
Open Issues and Merge Requests in Gitlab as usual. Use your own forked
repository for MR branches (@pq is exempt as long as this repository is
hosted in his personal Gitlab group). Each commit must carry
Signed-off-by tag to denote that the submitter adheres to
[Developer Certificate of Origin 1.1](
All merge requests need to be accepted by at least one other person with
Developer or higher access level.
Reporter level access can be given by invite without any particular
Developer access can be given on request, provided the person is
actively participating in discussions and has contributed an accepted
Maintainer access is given on Maintainers' collective discretion.
## Conduct
This project follows
[the Contributor Covenant](
Color management and HDR documentation for FOSS graphics
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