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......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@ specifications. All content must follow the [license](LICENSE).
- [A Pixel's Color](doc/ is an introduction to
understanding pixel values and color.
- [Tools](doc/tools.rst) contains a list of tools that can be used to inspect
and modify color management and display attributes on Linux.
## History
Originally this documentation was started to better explain how
This page lists software tools and commands that can be used to inspect or
modify various aspects of display and color management on Linux.
Display capabilities
List information communicated by the display via EDID (using edid-decode_)::
edid-decode < /sys/class/drm/<name>/edid
List information communicated by the display via DDC (using ddcutil_ ; not all displays support this)::
ddcutil capabilities
Color management
Dump all information colord_ is aware of, including a list of profiles stored on the system::
colormgr dump
Dump the contents of an ICC profile (part of colord_)::
cd-iccdump <file.icc>
Some GUI tools also exist:
* **gcm-viewer**: inspects ICC profiles stored on the system (from gnome-color-manager_)
* DisplayCal_ can also display information about an ICC profile (in File > Profile Information)
Configuration (X11)
Dump what RandR knows about all outputs, which includes a lot of information about curves/color::
xrandr --query --verbose
Dump the current VCGT Intensity + RGB tables for display \#1 (using ArgyllCMS_)::
dispwin -d1 -s
Display/change the current X11 "gamma" setting (not sure where that is in comparison with VCGT, it does not seem to
change it according to `dispwin` above)::
xgamma -gamma x.y
Display/change the RandR "gamma" setting (this one does seem to change the VCGT, but only RGB components, not the intensity)::
xrandr --output eDP1 --gamma x.y
Commands like this one are related to KMS properties that tag the HDMI output with specific information using AVI
InfoFrames described in CTA-861-H 6.4.2 "Color Component Sample Format and Colorimetry". This is useful for some
displays that have specific built-in calibrations, and can understand that the incoming HDMI signals are in, say,
Rec.2020 provided they have the correct metadata. Note that not all drivers implement all color-related KMS properties
(most of them being documented in `Standard Connector Properties <>`_)::
xrandr --output eDP1 --set Colorspace BT2020_RGB
Configuration (Wayland)
On Wayland most configuration tools would be compositor-specific.
The plan is that there will be generic tools to inspect what the compositor says about the displays and supported color
capabilities, as well as an interface for profiling displays and possibly a method for proposing a new display profile
to the compositor.
Internal and lowlevel utilities
* **proptest** inside **libdrm** allows to dump and modify internal properties known to DRM inside the kernel
(packages for: `Arch <>`_,
`Debian <>`_).
* drm_info_ can only be used for inspecting the current DRM configuration, and can output the report as JSON for further
processing (e.g. feeding into
.. _edid-decode:
.. _ddcutil:
.. _colord:
.. _gnome-color-manager:
.. _ArgyllCMS:
.. _drm_info:
.. _DisplayCal:
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