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    Drop cargo-culted copyright statements · 1c402449
    Pekka Paalanen authored
    None of these copyrights apply to any files in this repository.
    Copyright lists in FOSS projects tend to be always out-of-date when
    compared to what law says about when copyright forms. Law also requires
    interpretation case by case whether something is copyrightable or not.
    Hence, if someone bothered to add a copyright line then they surely
    expect to hold some copyrights in the works, so any such list would be
    the minimum of possible copyrights holders.
    All the files remaining in this repository right now were written from
    scratch well after any of the listed copyright years, so the listed
    copyrights cannot be true. The history can be found in
    wayland/wayland-protocols!14 .
    To avoid confusion, they are removed.
    The license text itself has unknown copyrights according to
    Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen's avatarPekka Paalanen <pekka.paalanen@collabora.com>
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