Add ToUnicode support for similarequal

Vincent Lefevre requested to merge vinc17/poppler:similarequal-support into master

For \simeq, TeX generates /similarequal instead of Adobe's /asymptoticallyequal; so similarequal needs to be supported too.

In TeX Live 2023, texmf-dist/fonts/map/glyphlist/glyphlist.txt (Adobe Glyph List) contains asymptoticallyequal;2243, but texmf-dist/fonts/map/glyphlist/texglyphlist.txt (Extensions to the Adobe Glyph List for TeX fonts and encodings) contains similarequal;2243. As a consequence, texmf-dist/tex/generic/pdftex/glyphtounicode.tex contains both


NameToUnicodeTable.h already has

{ 0x2243, "asymptoticallyequal" }

so one just needs to add the missing

{ 0x2243, "similarequal" }

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