1. 21 Dec, 2020 1 commit
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      Update (C) · e1f56258
      Albert Astals Cid authored
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      JBIG2Reader: Handle segment type 51 ('end of file') · 009fab09
      Oliver Sander authored
      Imported from xpdf-4.02.
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      JBIG2Reader: Fix binary constant · 6ec2556b
      Oliver Sander authored
      When comparing the file JBIG2Reader.cc with what is in xpdf-4.02,
      I noticed that a particular constant used in the method
      readGenericBitmap differs in poppler and xpdf.  I have no idea
      what that constant is good for, but in a comment both poppler
      and xpdf give the binary representation of that constant.
      That binary number is identical in poppler and xpdf, and it
      matches the value in xpdf, but is off-by-one in poppler.
      This leads me to believe that the value in poppler wrong,
      possibly a typo.
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