Commit a4fad73c authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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cpp: Fix page::text_list encoding issue

Text from TextoutputDev always comes in UTF-8

Well it comes in GlobalParams::textEncoding but that is UTF-8 and we
don't let people change it
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......@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ std::vector<text_box> page::text_list() const
TextWord *word = word_list->get(i);
std::unique_ptr<GooString> gooWord{word->getText()};
ustring ustr = detail::unicode_GooString_to_ustring(gooWord.get());
ustring ustr = ustring::from_utf8(gooWord->c_str());
double xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax;
word->getBBox(&xMin, &yMin, &xMax, &yMax);
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