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glib: Documentation fixes for viewer preferences

Clarify documentation about returned values
of recently added viewer preferences.

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......@@ -1659,6 +1659,8 @@ poppler_document_get_print_scaling (PopplerDocument *document)
* @document: A #PopplerDocument
* Returns the duplex mode value suggested for printing by author of the document.
* Value POPPLER_PRINT_DUPLEX_NONE means that the document does not specify this
* preference.
* Returns: a #PopplerPrintDuplex that should be used when document is printed
......@@ -1703,6 +1705,9 @@ poppler_document_get_print_duplex (PopplerDocument *document)
* @document: A #PopplerDocument
* Returns the suggested number of copies to be printed.
* This preference should be applied only if returned value
* is greater than 1 since value 1 usually means that
* the document does not specify it.
* Returns: Number of copies
......@@ -1735,6 +1740,8 @@ poppler_document_get_print_n_copies (PopplerDocument *document)
* Returns the suggested page ranges to print in the form of array
* of #PopplerPageRanges and number of ranges.
* NULL pointer means that the document does not specify page ranges
* for printing.
* Returns: (array length=n_ranges) (transfer full): an array
* of #PopplerPageRanges or NULL. Free the array when
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