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qt6: fix packages for CI

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......@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ clang_format:
stage: build
- wget -r -l1 -np "" -A "6.0.0-0-*qtbase-Linux-RHEL_7_6-GCC-Linux-RHEL_7_6-X86_64.7z"
- 7z x*qtbase-Linux-RHEL_7_6-GCC-Linux-RHEL_7_6-X86_64.7z
- wget -r -l1 -np "" -A "6.0.0-0-*qtbase-Linux-CentOS_8_1-GCC-Linux-CentOS_8_1-X86_64.7z"
- 7z x*qtbase-Linux-CentOS_8_1-GCC-Linux-CentOS_8_1-X86_64.7z
- wget -r -l1 -np "" -A "6.0.0-0-*icu-linux-Rhel7.2-x64.7z"
- 7z x*icu-linux-Rhel7.2-x64.7z
- git clone --branch ${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME} --depth 1 ${TEST_DATA_URL} test-data || git clone --depth 1 ${UPSTREAM_TEST_DATA_URL} test-data
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