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      Generate GI gir and typelibs for libpolkit-gobject-1 · a7aacbb5
      David Zeuthen authored
      This includes changing from POSIX types (uid_t, gid_t, pid_t) to
      gint. Won't affect much since the size is the same. And we want this
      anyway since it is needed to build the library on non-POSIX platforms.
    • Joe Clarke's avatar
      Bug 23093 – FreeBSD portability fixes · de9453f4
      Joe Clarke authored
      There are a few issues with building polkit-0.93 on FreeBSD:
       * No clearenv() function on FreeBSD
       * While FreeBSD has a /proc, it is deprecated, and kinfo_proc should
         be used instead.
       * FreeBSD's printf() functions do not support the %m notation.  This
         is only supported for syslog().
        * You can't call GINT_TO_POINTER() on a 64-bit value, as this will
          break on 64-bit OSes.
      The attached patch fixes these problems.  First, a check for
      clearenv() is added to configure.  Second, I moved the check for
      process uid to polkit/polkitunixprocess.c.  This may not be ideal, but
      it seems to fit, and reduces code duplication.  Third, I replaces all
      %m with %s ... g_strerror (errno).  Finally, I replaced
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Zeuthen <davidz@redhat.com>
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